Friday, August 21, 2009

Utter Disgust... What happened to free speech and public empowerment?

I just found out from a disgusted friend that Camp Diggity Dog *where Bailey was mauled by another dog* apparently got my review REMOVED from their site.
Nothing in that 'review' was untrue, except for the "one star" rating I was forced to give.
I received Bailey's autopsy today, and the results are purely terrifying... again, contradictory to what the owner told us.... and proves that Bailey was neglected. and our contract for care was violated.
I cannot believe that Yelp would remove such a VITAL AND IMPORTANT post from their site! People who look at any social network sites do so to become informed consumers, and they do so to avoid being jaded.
What if another dog perished here in the past, they posted to Yelp and their post was removed??
Q: What if I could have read that particular post and taken my dog elsewhere?
A: Bailey would still be here; our family would be intact. My heart would be whole. That's what.

This just proves that there is so much distrust and grossness in this world. The First Ammendment is here to allow everyone who has a voice to SPEAK UP and tell others what happened to them.
If I am not allowed to talk about my dog being killed by oversight by a person, why can people rage public outcries against Michael Vick? IT'S THE SAME THING!!!!!!! 

Unfortunately, certain people seem to believe that animals should not have a voice and try to silence their owners. This is simply dispicable and cannot be allowed!
Bailey, my baby, you did not die in vain - your bark WILL be heard!!!!!!


  1. I am disgusted that Yelp is helping this man cover up such an incident. He has maneged to remove every review that makes any reference to this incident in a matter of days. This should not be allowed to be kept secret from the public. The whole point of Yelp if for people to make informed decisions. If they are not being given the truth, what use is the site. I plan to voice my disgust to Yelp. I wonder what their mission statement is? If they value their reputation they will reinstate all of those reviews. Bailey will get justice.